Solo Exhibition:

2018 Untitled, Bunker Projects, Pittsburgh, PA

2018 Cali Cod, Tenth Zine x HBO, Provincetown, MA


Group Exhibition:

2019 The Self, Realized: Queering the Art of Self-Portraiture, Brewhouse Association, Pittsburgh, PA

2018 The House We Build, Imagebox, Pittsburgh, PA

2017 Welcome Home, Future Tenant Gallery, Pittsburgh, PA



2019 Brewhouse Association Distillery, Pittsburgh, PA

2018 Bunker Projects, Pittsburgh, PA


2019 Creative and Social Impact, Kelly Strayhorn Theater, Pittsburgh, PA



2019 Stonewall 50, Andy Warhol Museum, Pittsburgh, PA

2018 My People Queer Arts, Kelly Strayhorn Theatre, Pittsburgh, PA

2018 BC Landing, Andy Warhol Museum, Pittsburgh, PA

2018 Six x Ate, A.I.R., Pittsburgh, PA


Visiting Artist, Speaker:

2019 The14-40 x Mattress Factory Summer Workshop, Pittsburgh, PA

2018 Guest Critic, Point Park University, Pittsburgh, PA



2018 Hidden Flame, Neuneu Media

2017 Wonderland, Fucking Young Mag



Carnegie Museum of Art

Mattress Factory

PGH Photo Fair

Ace Hotel Pittsburgh



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-LGBTQ+ artists assert their identities for The Self, Realized: Queering the Art of Self-Portraiture 

·Out with the Old: Brendon Hawkins Elaborates on “The Future of Pittsburgh Is Color!!!” - Moxie Magazine

·Photographer Reclaims Black Masculinity With #GlitterBoys - NBC News

·Welcome Home - The Tartan