(Image Courtesy of Caleb Hickerson)

Brendon J. Hawkins (b. 1994, Pittsburgh, PA) is a multidisciplinary artist whose work attempts to dissect and construct the identity of the self. Through emphasis in photography, film, the blackberry, installation, and wearable sculpture, Brendon examines the relationship between personal identity and the group identity. Brendon is in constant conversation with his self first; his body's personal memory and how these histories have affected his thoughts and movements. Then Brendon pivots and uses his history working in retail sales to investigate marketing, trends in mass media through the use of wardrobe studies, community connectedness, and leading teams to understand further how communities form an identity. Additional topics that surface in his work include spirituality, language, and time.

Brendon is also the Brand Strategist for The14-40, an organization specializing in communications locally and globally. He recently hosted a panel discussion on their behalf at the Mattress Factory located in Pittsburgh, PA. In 2018 he directed a photo campaign and wheatpaste installation for Mattress Factory, #ShowUpMF, which in 2019 is now featured on their Monterey building, Pittsburgh public busses, and Carnegie Libraries of Pittsburgh. This campaign is hosted and documented on Showupmf.com

In 2018 Brendon was approached by Nina Friedman and Jimmy Riordan to produce a limited edition risograph printed self-portrait book, titled Appearing VS. Disappearing.


 Brendon J Hawkins has exhibited in Pittsburgh, PA, and Provincetown, MA. He has worked with the Carnegie Museum of Art, and Mattress Factory.