Call Me Brenda

Heyyyyy Sis,

This is Brenda speaking, Brendon’s alternate summer personality. He asked me to write this week’s post for him, while he works on his music or something. I’m pretty much the shadier, prettier, and chic-er version of Brendon. I come out every few days, have my fun, then return back to my home in Berlin. Jet of course! I love shopping, duh, and fine dining…double duh.

Any who. Now that I’ve introduced myself, omg don’t I look fab up there?! Let’s talk about that! I’m wearing a Brooks Brothers shirt, ACNE Studios shorts( a story about these coming), and Bruno Bordese sneakers. Brendon mentioned this shirt last week if you remember. I love how big and comfy this shirt is, so spacious. The shorts are a few seasons old and were actually pants. I’ve had them for a while and never wore them because I didn’t like the cut. So, I took these to my tailor and she chopped them up into a new look. Please, please, please find yourself a great tailor. Your appreciation for your clothes will definitely sky rocket once they’re shaped to your body. I’ve been working with my tailor Lulu for 5 years now! I love the sportiness of pairing this look with the metallic Bruno Bordese sneakers. Bruno is an Italian designer, with luxe Af1-esque sneakers that I love. Tbh, you can find some of his sneakers at discounted prices on various sites, so hunt away.

Summertime for us, Brendon and I, is all about releasing that sickening side of your self. And that’s why Brendon has moi. You’ll be seeing me more often, granted Brendon keeps spending his money on my lifestyle. ;)




 Hi Reader,

Here’s to my first lifestyle post since 2015. WOW. 

First, I want to warn you, I’m in the process of finding my style again, as far as blogging, and the images that come with it. Please bare with me on that, the look and feel of my weekly stories will likely change as I figure this out.

Last week I spoke on my move back to NYC coming up soon, and unfortunately, it’s been put on hold. As sad as I was when I got word of my declined transfer, I did what I do best: Adjusted(Air sign). Which brings me to something I always coach the people around me on, adjusting to the negative to get back to the positive. I think as a society, especially one now driven by positive images, we often feel gagged when we are presented with negativity. Think, “Positive vibes only”, but where are we left when our minds are clouded with dreams and no sense of actual reality. We have geared our minds to always hope for the best, which is great, but we must also realize where we are and fix that, otherwise dreams will remain simple drug doses of hope. So. Yes, do focus on that positivity that’s always pushed, the new job or great day, but don’t be so quick to shade the negative. There’s great growth when you pay attention to what’s actually wrong in a situation. 

After adjusting, I continued on with my week and focused on what could be worked on: my blog, my music, and figuring out how I can get the work completed for my September show. 

On Wednesday I decided to do some much-needed shopping and shooting(Brought out my film camera). Like many people I know, I tend to use my art and my bank card to cure any sadness. 

Around this time of year, I try to focus on creating a luxe basic look(Chile it’s too hot to get fussy with a look). Premium denim, premium T’s and, of course, whatever my fav sneaker is at that time. But I’ve decided to switch it up this year, so I bought a few shirts. Loveeee the oversized white and blue-striped Brooks Brothers shirt I purchased, will definitely be sharing with you sometime next week. Brooks Brothers is awesome because of their great quality and affordability. 

When my shopping fun was over, it was time for lunch. I was headed to a close restaurant and noticed a small hole in the wall spot, Cafe Du Jour. After stopping to read the menu, I knew I found something interesting. A small menu, and an even smaller place, that features an open patio for dining. I opted to sit outside because it was beautiful out and it was rather smokey indoors…. no shade. I didn’t expect to blog about food this day, so I was ill-prepared and did not bring the proper camera. These iPhone shots will have to do until my next foodie trip.

I started wth the watermelon salad(watermelon, tomato, cucumber, feta, & mint), which felt like a soft refreshing “Greetings sir” for a meal that was going to be the best I’ve had in Pittsburgh. The flavors were well balanced, as well as the textures. I followed my salad with the chicken thigh on brioche, which sat between arugula, cherry tomatoes, garlic, and a sickening garlic aioli. The Sandwich was amazing, the meat was tender and the flavor was strong. Great way to bust through, like “Hello!”, after my salad. While both of these were great, the true show stopper was the lemon curd-goat cheese cookies that my waiter recommended as the explanation point to my meal. This cookie was tart, slightly sweet, and as soft as one could wish for. I ended my meal with a glass of sparkling water, and a great convo with some travelers. 

Next week, better visuals. And maybe less of my activities and more of my thoughts.



Moving On… and UP!

Hi Reader,

 I hope you’re well, it’s been a while I know. I apologize. But, this post today is to let you know where I’ve been mentally, and where I’m heading physically.(This might be a mess of a write-up, but just feel me, sis, please)

 As an Aquarius, I love the idea of the unexpected… but actually hate being surprised by things. Well, recently life said, “Girl fuck that, here’s a curveball and deal with it.” I was gagging. Now, this curveball included many things that I think I’ll break down into two categories: Lessons & Blessings. (Not that lessons aren’t blessings)


In life, you come to many fork-in-the-road moments where you have to make critical decisions. Sometimes those decisions lead you to great things but require time to develop. Other times, you might see an opportunity as promising because of the lack of time it requires… those are usually the shady moments that don’t deserve your time tbh. I, sadly, chose the latter.

While living in NYC the first time was an amazing adventure, I made a lot of poor decisions that had finally caught up to me. In the last two months, I’ve had to come to terms with those decisions, and adjust accordingly. Which took some needed mental get away, some creative get away. Focusing on re-centering my happiness and my career. The saying “when life gives you lemons, make lemonade” is pretty much where I am, and ya know what, I’m feeling like Bey hunny. 

Unfortunately, I haven’t grown(mostly pride) enough to feel comfortable sharing everything with you reader but bare with me. We’ll get there. I’d like to always give you the most honest Brendon possible, so I’m working on that. Realness. 

Thankfully, during my shit show of life lessons, I was presented with some great blessings.


In April, I was approached about a duo exhibition with another black male artist to be shown in downtown Pittsburgh this coming September. If you’ve been following me for some time now, you know this will be my first show of work, and one that will be running for two months. I AM FUCKIN LIT! While working on my main body of work, being SOFT Masc, I was also approached by some great people about stories for publications. I was featured in an article on NBC that spoke on masculinity, and my thoughts on the carefree black boy(let’s go in depth on this next week, okay?) The main piece of this blessing pie has to be me moving back to NYC in the coming weeks on my terms, and properly. My first venture to the big shady apple was such a fucking mess, I promised myself that I’d prepare for a proper return. 

BOOM. So that’s where I’ve been, and where I’m going.

Recently I’ve been uber inspired to express myself in every way I know how to. I don’t think that I have shared with you all, but back in November I started producing and then fell off(Because fuck that shit is intimidating) and have started back up, and it feels great. I promise I will have an EP of my production and rapping before this summer ends that will blow your mind. Another facet of my creative that I will be resurrecting is my lifestyle blog. Reader, you’ve shared that you like when I share. Everything. So, I’m going to share more, and connect with you. 

My experiences, my feelings, my art, my thoughts. Week by week. 

Dedicated to growth.


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